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Welcome to the WapHotelGuide.com information page on the web!

WapHotelGuideSM is a special version of the famous HotelGuide Network site. Powered by sophisticated wireless technologies, WapHotelGuide has been created specifically for mobile phones and other WAP-enabled devices.

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Use The Emulator

The "Gotta WAP" graphic above links to a third-party emulator that is capable of showing the content available at waphotelguide.com. Click on the graphic and manipulate the phone using your mouse. Also, please visit their sponsor to help them support their emulator service.

Use A Microbrowser

WapHotelGuide is available on any wireless web service that can display WML-formatted site. Using your mobile-device's "Microbrowser" or similar browser, simply type in waphotelguide.com using the keypad.

Thank you for your interest in WapHotelGuide.com. We're constantly working to improve all of our HotelGuide versions to make sure that you have access to the information you want, when you want it and in the layout that works best for you.

Technical Note About This Page: This page is located on the web specifically at http://www.waphotelguide.com. This page is therefore accessible via the HTTP protocol and is used as an information page intended to be read on the World Wide Web ("www."). The actual site for WapHotelGuide is available via the WAP protocol specifically at waphotelguide.com. There's no "www" in the address for the actual wireless site.

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